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Preservative-free Rose Water at a glance

“If no preservatives are added in Zofla Natural Rose Water, then how could it last for 12 months??” Someone asked us.

So we took this chance as an opportunity to let the people aware of this commonly asked question about rose water shelf life. Simply, any traditionally distilled rose water can last more than 12 months.

And the reason is, in our rose water-steam distillation method, fresh Kannauj roses are packed into a still, steam rises through the petals, their cells burst open releasing plant compounds. When steam is cooled, turns back into liquid, this water is enriched with these compounds, including the particles of rose oil.

Steam distillation is the reason for the long shelf life of rose water as it leaves all the impurities behind and only contains the goodness of the rose. And it lasts long without any preservative and harmful chemicals.

Also, over some time, natural rose water may contain some natural sediment, making it appear cloudy. This is made up of natural waxes / essential oil compounds that settle down in the distillate water and occur even after excellent filtration. It does not indicate any deterioration in quality.

As Zofla Natural Rose Water is a 100% steam distilled product, that’s why it can last more than 12 months, although we have only benchmarked it for 12 months.

There is a big difference between rose water produced by distillation and rose waters prepared in a lab. Some rose waters in the market are not even distilled at all. And have been created in labs to mimic distilled rose water.

Before buying any rose water, always check whether the marketing highlights only the scent of rose, which indicates the rose ingredient is there for fragrance rather than the benefit of your skin.

There are only two ingredients that are there in Zofla Natural Rose Water. Kannauj Rose Petals and Water. Yes! That’s it.

Think twice about the rose water that you are buying with lots of ingredients. Many included elements are not because they benefit your skin, but because they extend shelf life or lower the production cost.

As it is said, “Let the buyer beware, all rose water is not created equal. Some have never been near a rose petal!”

I hope we answered the question?

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